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OJI Process
Apr 27, 2018
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Helpful information if you have an On the Job Injury

If you are injured on the job, who should you contact?

  1. Call Inflight (303)342-7707 and email to report your injury.  The Inflight manager taking the call will follow the instructions below (as outlined in UltiPro) for reporting an On-the Job Injury (OJI).  This report is called a First Report of Injury (FROI).

  1. The Inflight manager will call the insurance company “ClaimLine” to report the injury providing the claim operator with the following information:

  • Employee Name, contact information
  • Date of injury
  • Description of the injury
  • Location where the injury occurred

  1. Once the FROI is complete, the operator will ask if the employee is available to speak with a nurse.
    • If yes, the Inflight manager will provide the flight attendant’s contact number

  1. A PC 365  nurse (representing the insurance company/F9) will contact the flight attendant to discuss  the injury and will make recommendations for care.  (Note: If immediate medical attention is required, the PC 365 nurse may not contact the employee).

  • The nurse may recommend self care depending on the injury. (See “*” below)
  • The nurse may direct the flight attendant to seek medical care.

i.A Medical Awareness Card (MAC) will be sent to the flight attendant via email, fax, or text message (whichever the flight attendant agrees to).

  1. The PC 365 nurse will generate a Point of Injury report (POI) that contains the recommendation for treatment.  This report will be sent to the Inflight manager and

  1. The new loss (workers’ compensation insurance claim) will be sent electronically to Gallagher Bassett for further handling.  (Gallagher Bassett handles the Workers Compensation Insurance claims for Frontier Airlines)

24 hours after the initial call, the nurse will follow up with the injured FA.  If self-care was  recommended initially, and there has been no improvement, the nurse is able to direct the flight attendant to seek medical treatment.


A Letter and Company email from Frontier:

Frontier Airlines Workers’ Compensation Coordinator will send a letter to your home and company email to acknowledge receipt of your First Report of Injury for your Workers’ Compensation Injury and the date of the injury.  This letter and email will contain the follow information:

  1. A checklist of items in regards to your responsibilities while on a leave of absence.  You will need to read this carefully.
  2. A medical provider list for all Colorado employees, to be completed and returned within 3 days.

A Letter(s) from Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.:

Gallagher Bassett will send an Acknowledgment Letter to your home.  This is not an acceptance letter.

  1. This letter provides an address for you to redirect any medical bills you may have received.  It will also provide you with your Claim Number and insurance adjuster. 

For DEN based flight attendants, if the claim is accepted Gallagher Bassett will send a General Admission of Liability to your home.  This form admits liability that the injury reported is compensable.  Read this form carefully, it includes the following information: 

  1. Average Weekly Wage amount (you will receive 66.6% of this amount).
  2. A check list of specific benefits that will be covered (i.e. Medical benefits, temporary total disability, etc.
  3. Rate per week will be your weekly benefit amount, which is paid every two weeks for the time period while on OJI.
  4. A two page form (if based in Colorado) – Information Regarding Workers’ Compensation And A Claimant’s Rights.  Read this form carefully as it has important basic information containing your rights and entitlements.

Prescription Card

You will receive a First Script workers’ compensation Pharmacy Benefit Card.  This pharmacy benefit card is only to be used for medications prescribed for your work related injury (only if the claim has been accepted).

Note:  If the claim is denied, you should receive a Notice of Contest.   If you wish to contest this decision, you will need to follow the instructions provided on this form.

Important Information you should know:

  • Always follow company and FAA safety practices when performing your flight attendant duties.

  • On-the-job injuries are typically governed by state law.  If you are DEN based; the State of Colorado will have jurisdiction, if CHI/MDW based, the State of Illinois will have jurisdiction.

  • If your claim is accepted, you are not responsible for payment for medical care.  If you receive a bill or a partial bill, contact your insurance adjuster and Frontier’s OJI contact (Shelly Leyner) at immediately.

  • If DEN based, the company will provide a list of at least two physicians or two corporate medical providers (Workwell or Concentra) from which you will select the attending doctor/medical provider. This form will need to be completed and returned within 3 days of receipt. Within 90 days following the date of injury, but before reaching maximum medical improvement, you may request a one-time change of authorized treating physician from the designated provider list. 

  • A nurse case manager may contact you to request that they attend your medical appointment, or he/she my show up at your medical appointment. 

  • You have the right to have someone attend your medical appointments with you.

  • For DEN based Flight Attendants, you are entitled to reimbursement for mileage expenses for round-trip travel for authorized medical appointments and pharmacy for prescriptions.  You will need to request reimbursement in writing. 
  • For CHI/MDW based Flight Attendants, you are entitled to reimbursement for mileage expenses for round-trip travel for authorized medical appointments; as long as you are being treated by a company recommended medical provider.  You will need to request reimbursement in writing.

  • You have the right to receive copies of all medical records related to the workplace injury.

  • It is always a good idea to document all communication via email.

  • Pass- benefits will be revoked if you are not working, due to an OJI injury.  You will not be able to travel on other employee pass benefits on Frontier.

  • After 90 days, the company will require you to pay full cost for insurance if you wish to continue coverage for medical, dental, vision etc.  If you chose to pay full cost for insurance coverage after 90 days, you may be entitled to an adjustment to your average weekly wage amount.   Contact HR at 720-374-4397 to discuss payments.

  • As soon as possible after the injury, preferably within 24 hours, complete an Inflight Incident Report to document the events leading up to your injury. 

  • If you have questions regarding your claim, you will need to contact the Insurance Claims Adjuster assigned to you at Gallagher Bassett or by emailing and by telephone (720) 374-4248The union is unable to assist with workers compensation claims.

  • If you have questions concerning workers’ compensation rules and practices, contact the Division of Workers’ Compensation for your domicile state.  For Colorado the number is 303-318-8700, or toll-free at 1-888-390-7936, email address, website  For Illinois, the number is 312-814-6611312-814-6611, or toll-free at 1-866-352-30331-866-352-3033 FREE, or their website

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