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Cabin Seat Agreement
Apr 26, 2018

Welcome Aboard Flight Attendants!!!  Frontier Airlines Inflight and our Union AFA maintains cabin seat agreements with other airlines, if you are commuting to and from work or just traveling  for pleasure.  It’s a privilege to have these perks with our airline partners and certain guidelines must be followed.  Listed below you will find FAQ (frequently asked questions) when using our cabin seat agreements with other airlines.  Again WELCOME ABOARD and ENJOY the PERKS we have as a Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant!!  Contact us if you have any questions here at AFA Council 71!!  HAPPY CABIN SEATING!!

Frequently Asked Questions-

What is a reciprocal cabin seat agreement?

It is an arrangement allowing flight attendants to travel in what would be empty cabin seats onboard another airline.  Flight Attendants often refer to it as jumpseating.  However typically occupying the actual jumpseat is not allowed.

Can another airline flight attendant occupy an extra cabin jumpseat on a F9 flight?

Frontier is not authorized to allow any other airline flight attendant to occupy an additional cabin jumpseat.

Can I utilize my cabin seat agreement while on leave of absence or COLA?


How do I sign up for a seat on a flight?

Each airline has its own system and listing procedures weather its online, calling reservations or at the departure gate in a adequate time before the flight.  You may be required to complete a form.

What is my boarding priority when traveling on a cabin seat agreement?

When traveling on a cabin seat agreement you will almost always be the last one on the priority list.

Do I have to have my company ID or any other documentation when traveling?

Yes, a valid company ID with words “CREW” is always required.  It is highly recommended you have your passport as well as a copy of the open cabin seat agreement signed by the carrier.  You can find these agreements on and at under cabin seat agreements

Is there a dress code when traveling?

Each airline sets their dress code.  Almost all accept flight attendants in full uniform.  Business professional attire.  REMEMBER you are representing Frontier Airlines Flight Attendants!!

Are there baggage limitations

The airlines standard baggage limitations apply when traveling.  1 carry on item and 1 personal item. 

What can I expect at the gate?

After checking-in with the gate agent and completing any necessary paperwork, the flight attendant should wait for the gate agent to call his or her name and issue a boarding pass. 

May I consume alcoholic beverages when utilizing the cabin seat agreement?


Can I be denied boarding even if there are open cabin seats?

Yes.  Remember the airline providing the transportation has final say.  Cabin seat agreement traveling is a privilege and not a right.

Are cabin pets allowed to travel under this agreement?

No.  Cabin pets cannot travel under this agreement.

Are there any fees to use cabin seat agreement travel?

The flight attendant is responsible for ALL international fees and any taxes that may be required prior to flight.  For domestic flights NO.

Is international travel permitted on an open cabin seat agreement?

Each airline sets its own policies in regards to routes allowed.  If traveling outside the 48 contiguous states, check our individual agreements.  Make sure to have proper documentation.

What is an “embargo” period and does it apply to the cabin seat agreements?

An embargo is a period in which travel is restricted or limited to certain groups by carrier.  During these periods, non-revenue travel, including cabin seating may be restricted.

Meet Our Cabin Seat Agreement Committee!

Jeff Bates- Chair
Vince Hercules

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