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8/24 Meeting Minutes
Aug 29, 2018

August 24, 2018

LEC71 membership meeting

Moonlight Diner- Tower Rd, Denver 80249



Officers in attendance:

-    Jen Sala MECP

-    Kathleen O’Brien LECP71

-    Janice Mathes LECVP71

-    Ashlee Rosen LECS71


Meeting conducted by:

-    Jen Sala (MEC President)

-    Beth DeProspero (AFA staff negotiator)



Members in attendance: 42



Contract 2.0 packet

-    All articles were discussed along with questions from members about each

-    There are presently 29 articles in our tentative agreement

-    16 still opened, with details about the union’s goals VS the company’s goals

-    13 articles have been tentatively agreed upon

Strike vote defined

-    why it is important to have a strong vote of “yes”

-    Date announced for another strike vote specific meeting on October 11th

Chaos strikes explained and defined

-    strategic flights will be struck rather than all

-    There will be an opportunity for volunteers when/if we get there


-    we have been meeting with the company regarding tip transparency 

-    The Department of Labor may need to get involved


-    discussion of concerns with the newly published UM policy

-    The only new change in the employee handbook is SOC’s role in decision making 

-    We believe flight attendants should be compensated 

-    Discussion with the company will continue 

Cleaning aircraft in Denver

-    Nothing has changed

-    Flight attendants are still NOT responsible to clean in Denver, we have it in writing from the company

-    FA’s cleaning in Denver is still a violation of ACA’s contract

-    ACA is currently in contract negotiations 


-    $500,000 has currently been used to fight the lawsuit so far

-    AFA is utilizing both a staff attorney (with international dues paying the cost), and an additional law firm who specializes in these type of lawsuits (using money from the 3.5 million)

-    We are still waiting for a decision from the arbitrator, wait time is approx 6 months on average

-    A testimony has recently been discovered to contain falsehoods 

-    The membership will be notified when definitive news is available

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Frontier Airlines
8085 E Prentice Ave
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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