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Dealing with Loss
Aug 16, 2015
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Frontier Employee Assistance Program/ Professional Standards


When faced with a loss in the workplace such as a death of a coworker, layoff or transition, it is natural to have feelings of grief, sadness, confusion, and anger. These feelings are normal reactions and actually aid in the healing process. This guide will not guarantee that dealing with your emotions will be easy, but it will assist you in recognizing the impact the loss can have on you and lead you to someone to consult with about how to deal with your feelings.

What are some common reactions to grief and loss?

? Disbelief that this actually happened
? Anger, frustration, blaming
? Feeling that in some way you could have changed the outcome
? Difficulty sleeping
? Change in eating habits
? Difficulty concentrating
? Feeling forgetful
? Isolating yourself from everyone else
? Continual recall of the event
? Change in social activities
? Agitation with family/coworkers
? Sudden bursts of crying
How long do these feelings last?

Generally about one to three months; however, sometimes grieving can last up to a year or more. As with most difficult situations, time frames for dealing with strong emotions can differ. If you experience continued sadness and recall of the loss, please contact your AFA EAP

I recognize that these feelings are normal, what do I do now?

? Acknowledge that things are different now.
? Allow yourself to feel sad; cry if you feel like crying. Talk with a trusted friend.
? Get plenty of rest. If you can’t sleep, get out of bed and read or work on a project until you are tired enough to sleep.
? Exercise, minimally five times weekly for 20 minutes.
? Utilize the support of your family, friends, and coworkers.
? Make as many daily decisions as possible.
? Prioritize your tasks and your time.
? Keep your reactions in check so as not to lash out at family members or coworkers.
? Call your AFA EAP.

AFA Frontier EAP 1-844-232-3971

AFA International EAP HELP LINE: 1-800-424-2406

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